Stalling – Dev-log 2

My fiance and I cobbled together a rough prototype for the game and, with our friends over for game-night, decided to playtest it. When we went into the game I made sure to express to everyone that the rules have, for the most part, not even been written. This was as early in the process... Continue Reading →

The Reveal – Dev-log 1

What’s your favorite board game? Is it a euro-game, Ameritrash, short, long? My favorite game is also my favorite joke. My friends come over, and we play something for a couple of hours, and it’s starting to get late. The game finishes and we all know it’s about time to go, and you’d better believe... Continue Reading →

Introductions are in Order

Hello all! My name is Chris, and I’m a twenty-three-year-old amateur board game designer when I’m not studying for school. I’ve been making games for three years now and in that time I have made 4 working prototypes. Now, that’s not a lot, but between getting a degree, and getting married I’m proud of what... Continue Reading →

We are Gamers

I am in a good mood and I want to share that with all of you people. The reason why is the past few weeks have shown me how much support the community can have when building a project. The twitch channel we have grown has shown me kindness, strength and so much laughter. So... Continue Reading →

Forward Momentum

There are a lot of moments that make you feel like you had a successful day when you lay down at night. For some, it is getting to spend some time with the family or learning something new, maybe the fact you got to take the dog out for a walk or you finally beat... Continue Reading →

So I Moved Across Country

You blink your eyes and months just pass by it seems. This blog has sat silent for that reason for too long. The last few months had a large move to a different state halfway across the country, some medical procedures, a lot of going away moments and led to this here. This will be... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation 8-19

Another Monday morning where the alarm clock blares and you have to put your feet to the floor. You roll over in bed and a thousand voices in your head scream to just get a little more sleep. After all, it feels good and you deserve it right? This day is different, this day you... Continue Reading →

Do you ever?

This is going to be a different format for today. I have started and stopped about five different articles and haven't been able to get something down that I like. My mind just isn't into it because my girlfriend is driving back from Vegas having finished her summer internship and I am ecstatic. I'm sure... Continue Reading →

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