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It came up in a recent conversation with a friend that sometimes you get into a gaming slump. One where you just can’t even get into the meat of a game without feeling overwhelmed or just not interested.  When you don’t want to even start a daunting game like Witcher because you feel it is just easier to sink five more hours into Minecraft.

Soon that feeling starts to compound into a feeling of annoyance that you aren’t beating any of your games. Next thing you know you buy another one that looks pretty and flashy so that you can try and make that go away.

It doesn’t.

So that leads me to this blog.

After a long night where I told my good friend Hunter we just needed to beat a game we sat down and marathoned one from start to finish. It wasn’t anything crazy just Gears of War 4 that I started and stopped three times already. The final boss fell around three AM. Both of us exhausted we said good game and logged off. Before having dreams of attacking the locust (main enemy of the game) I made a little side note that I should find a way to share some of that feeling with others.

It has led to an idea that I start this little page up.

Think of this as partly a large journal for all the games I am playing and going through and kind of chronicling and also kind of a way to share the joy of games with others.

What is my goal for all this? Nothing really. Just a good time and contribute towards a bet.

The bet is that it is already impossible to beat every game that has been made. Maybe that is true, and even if it wasn’t some games can’t be beaten by definition. Then sometimes there is no desire to beat them even if you could. Some are just bad. Others don’t get a fair review from people and only get touched for an hour.

So maybe in doing this, you can get a sense of how a game is without the big makeup of a review company behind it. Just my opinion. Plus if I don’t play through at least five hours I won’t review it. I have to get into the meat of it. Most of them ideally being a five or so hour in look and then a complete look. Got to make articles somehow right?

Not only video games either, I just want to spend times talking about Magic the Gathering on days and board games I like. The goal of this being people that are close and want to be friends can understand me a little bit more.

Stretch goals leading into videos and podcasts but who knows.

I’ve played with the idea of trying to do one of these for a long time. Trying and failing and trying and failing since before I even left high school. Some were “edgy” others just a day in the life. I just want to have fun with something this time and create something. So that’s what I have, for now, Seikiro Shadows Die Twice review coming soon.

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