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Rarely is there a game that starts at an abandoned gas station that leads to good things. Why is it abandoned, why is there so much blood, why is that dead guy shambling towards me. Maybe this is your first dive down into a Resident Evil game, maybe this is your 20th-speed run, it’s fun every time. With every single game being two things, brutal and quick.

The popularity of remakes and remasters seems to be a wildfire in the past few years.  Every time you look there is another title getting a small update and being resold. When I saw this was going to be a full priced title I was a bit hesitant. Sure I put countless hours into the franchise of the years, but would this be worth it? 

Oh yeahRPD

When you first make your way into Raccoon City Police Department nostalgia starts to hit you square in the throat. I choked up looking at the stunning details,  dark and light textures in the game rendered to the point my jaw drops like the zombies getting shotgunned. Already dreading things I remember from before, the lickers, the tight corners, the lack of ammo, at this point I’m excited and ready.

I found myself moving slowly in a game that felt like a distant memory. Full headset making the audio sound real to the point I looked behind me in my small basement apartment multiple times. The door was locked, still safe. As I started to remember the key puzzles and the paths to take, places like the office that felt surreal in the 4k and clenching when I knew the dogs were soon. Thinking man I wonder if Mr.X is still a problem.

Turns out he isMr. X.PNG

This is a title that has been slipping by me in the slew of good games that sneaked out this year. Things like Sekiro from a few articles before, games like Anthem and Kingdom Hearts 3 still on my backlog. So with the Borderlands remaster, I said I needed to get the other remaster done first. I’ve gotten about five hours in and can taste the end of Leon’s story. Getting ready for the final boss battle and then starting the game on Claire’s story instead, maybe trying to knock the rest of the achievements out too.

The first startup for Leon I was so rusty that I ended up getting to a point where I was locking myself out of decisions and having no ammo against the Lickers. That enemy acting much like a miniboss in the early game. A few more boss battles and bad decisions and I did a quick restart, catching up to my progress in less than half the time. A fun part of every Resident Evil game is how quick you can manage to get through the game when you start to memorize the puzzles and paths.

In fact, all of the images in today’s article have been provided by BuriedMemory25. His Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/buriedmemory25 always a good watch so make sure to give him a like and a follow. His speed runs providing lots of good fuel to my fire to just get this game played.


As Marvin above shows in his look you will many times find yourself surprised at how much this game makes you jump the first time back in. The Zombies just keep getting up over and over unless you knife them like crazy on the ground or you get a critical hit on the head and it pops like a balloon. My second time just dodging many of the smaller mobs and getting past them. It is a hard habitnto not shoot everything that moves, do that though and no ammo will flash across your screen fast.

The Licker is still a pain in the ass.Licker.PNG

This gentleman is having a bad dayBurkin.PNG

And I swear she doesn’t always look that… well…Leon and Claire.PNG

All the randomness aside this game has been genuinely fun so far. I maxed out all of RE7 on achievements and lost count of the number of times I beat RE4, “remasters” as well. This one being a nice stray into a genre I didn’t even know I was missing until I saw I only had three bullets left. It brought to mind how much I miss titles like Dead Space 2, an all-time favorite. Also started an itch to play through The Last of Us again so expect that soon, Ellie needs me.

Even if I haven’t finished this enough for a full review I’ve appreciated the amount of detail and content in it for what I paid, satisfied in my purchase. I know that sometime next week there will be a full take on the graphics and pros and cons that I will through together, but if you want to get back into the horror genre this is a good play for you.

So expect the second half of Sekiro and this title late next week. As this article closes I wanted to touch a bit on schedules. I think that going forward Thursday will end up being a Tabletop Thursday with next week talking about a game I enjoy playing whenever I get a chance to. I also want to start at least one day a week going back on some older titles but am learning a lot on how to capture and record things with this site as I go. The title I have been craving going through again is the old Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth RPG on my Xbox.

The poor old thing is dusty and wants to be turned on again. The hard part about doing all of this daily is that I am learning it as I go. So feel free to send me comments and concerns to the email. Also, there is now a Facebook page where this will pop on so like and share stuff on there if you see it.

All the positive feedback you guys and girls have given me makes me want to continue doing one of these every day, even after a ten-hour shift and sleep screaming my name. So I will make sure to keep going for them as well for you guys, until the next one, play games and be happy.

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