Elder Scrolls Never Ends

Mobile gaming is something that I’m still fairly new to. For the longest time, the phone has been a tool, a work accessory or a way to stay in touch with loved ones. I’m going to make myself sound old here but my old Nokia brick cell phone didn’t exactly come off as a gaming device. I think maybe it had the ability to play snake or Pac-man, so not very hi-tech.

A lot of the games that came to mind with mobile gaming are quick things like Flappy Bird or Poke’mon GO. Go being a game that you can sink tons of hours into and that brought a lot of people out and about in a great social renaissance the month it released. Many great friends still going out and hitting the gyms and yelling excitedly as they finish off their poke’dex. So I figured I would push my iPhone 8s and see what it can play.

image1 This game, in the end, surprised me.  The Elder Scrolls Blades was a title I pre-ordered for free during last years E3 after watching the Bethesda showcase. Then I forgot about it completely until my phone had a new little emblem I didn’t recognize. I quickly booted it up, verified my account and then was stuck on a screen for about two weeks.


So I was pretty sure at this point that I wasn’t going to like this game. I loaded it up about once a day during some downtime and fought the same loading screen enemy over and over.


I think I killed this same Thalmor twenty times it felt like. So the week went by, I played Sekiro, I played Resident Evil 2 and last night before playing Borderlands while it loaded I tried to turn this on, and it worked! The intro video played, the epic music of a Scrolls game turned on and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I felt giddy with another Bethesda game. Was it going to be good or a flop?

Well, I am a pretty poor excuse for a mobile gamer. Mobile to me always being games that I had through Nintendo or a PSP, so what is this? In a sense, it’s a point and click that lets you crawl through a dungeon, or, if you hold your finger on the screen, can walk and move that way. Taking place after a siege in your hometown you have to go through different quests to save villagers and earn resources that then upgrade your items and the town you reside in.

image2 (2)

When you get into a dungeon if you get lost somehow you get a wispy trail that leads you on the way to go. Most of the time it isn’t needed with the halls being fairly uniform and easy to follow. The one spot I have found it useful is when finding specific items for quests. Things like Void Salts are highlighted for you when looking so you don’t miss them and have to backtrack.

The combat on the game is one on one. I haven’t yet experienced any more than that, but it is needed since the game throws a block and parry system in that is simple but pleasing.  You can usually manage to get a few hits in against the goblin or spriggan before you need to throw your shield up, or if it is a small creature you have to time the attack for when they jump at you.


Things like the sweetroll in the photo can regain you some health while in the dungeons. Or you can use one of your potions, that seem to be fairly uncommon at this point. The game hasn’t been so difficult to ever warrant one, and a sweet roll just feels cool. In the quests, you take you will find chests that have loot in them to upgrade your character, sometimes a new weapon or usually some armor. To open a chest there is a real world timer that can have gems spent to skip that time. The gems and chest being the only real way you can spend money on the game from what I have seen at this point. The small wooden chests take five seconds to open so if you really need to skip that go ahead. The silver ones take three hours, but you can set your phone down and it will notify you when it is ready, if you really want to spend gems there it will run you about thirty-six this time.

There is a level tree into skills and feats and spells, of course, level four meaning I haven’t explored much just yet, but the fireball does hit hard. Poor goblins never stand a chance.

Already I have gotten my town hall, a smithy, and a few houses up and I’ve found it enjoyable for a free to play game. As my town grows it satisfies the need of the Elder Scrolls games on the go and gives you a little bit of lore that is nice to excite you towards Elder Scrolls Six. With E3 only a few months out I’m sure we will see much more with all of that soon.

Until then, feel free to download a sweet little game and defend Tamriel once again.


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