I Don’t Have Time

Out of all the excuses I hear from people why they don’t play games and read books the forever common, “I don’t have time” is the worst.  A common reason people spout out because they think it makes them sound important. After all, if you are busy you must be successful right? If I chose to tell people I don’t have the time to do the things I love and enjoy I’m finally being an adult right?

Sadly the truth is far from what people tend to believe. Things like reading and playing games are the reason you work not the other way around. Before all these, I like to think you put your personal health and family, but that is because you prioritize. Prioritizing will give you the time you need to get everything you want to be done. Taking the time to tell yourself early in the week what you need to prioritize now so you can do what you want to do later.

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I read a few years back in a book that by changing your internal vocabulary from, I’m too busy, into, that isn’t my priority you shift your mind. You then stop to think, why isn’t finishing the game I’ve been wanting to play for days or getting through that book on my bedside, not my priority? You will find yourself asking questions like this at times when you are sitting there doing nothing. Laying in bed when you shouldn’t be, sitting scrolling through Netflix until you chose nothing, or going and eating more food again. By no means do I want you to think I am bashing you here, I’ve done it all too.

I have just recently been getting people asking me things like, when do I manage time to play these games? Same time I always have really, when I can. I work a job that usually nets me a minimum of sixty hours of work a week. I like to go out to eat with friends and socialize and If I can I like hitting up Friday Night Magic then I push myself to finish two books a week. So I game the other time I have in the 86,400 seconds we get to a day. Sometimes I stay up late sure, other times I wake up nice and early and knock out the last level or two of a game as a good way to start the day. Starting off the morning with a win can go a long way for you in your real-world experience as well. Sitting at work knowing you just saved Tamriel or maybe even the whole universe is a bit of a confidence boost.

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Let’s say you wake up, you make your bed and shower and hop on to finish one of the games on your backlog before anyone else is awake. The world is nice and quiet and you get to charge down the path of a game to find out why Master Chief is doing what he is or when Tom Nook will give you a sweet new item. Games have progression in them, you are meant to progress through them and play them! When you don’t they build up gamer remorse just like anything else will in life. I should have played this, I should have read that, why didn’t I watch that movie before I saw the spoilers.

In fact the other day I was talking openly about Bioshock Infinite to a friend, a game that came out over six years ago. From the sidelines, a person in the game room shouts how we shouldn’t spoils games out loud for others. I asked if they owned it? Of course, they did, but they had to let me know that they just don’t have time to play it, as they continued sorting their magic singles. Six years is just under 2,200 days. Some 52,800 hours worth of time and if you didn’t want a spoiler I’m going to say you could have spared six of them to play through the main quest quickly.

It is okay if gaming isn’t your priority, in fact, you can be a person who plays once a year. You break out the old N64 every Christmas and run a few laps with the friends or family on Mario Kart and then laugh at the graphics on the original Smash. The goal of this is, if you enjoy the games and miss them then make the time to play them. You can buy every game that goes on sale and try to build a larger and larger collection, but to what end? Collecting for collecting sake is cool and I admit I’m envious of many man caves that have the full library of some of the older Nintendo titles, but what have you played?

I really don’t mean for this to sound pushy. I simply love the vibe you get when everyone is playing a new game at the same time. It can be all the same one when a new big AAA title drops, but a lot of the times I just like hearing about the little ones. I want to know why you like Aviary Attorney or why the newest updates to a game in early access have really made a difference. I want you to get me excited for a game so we can experience it together.

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The reason for all of this? My priority is to be happy while I’m here and to have a good time. To make the people I meet and talk to smile and laugh and to do as many things as I possibly can. Sure you may see me awake at three A.M. playing a game from time to time, but don’t worry, if you send a message to chat I’m sure I’ll give a quick reply.

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