Summer Log

For so many years while growing up summer was the time that I actually got through the bulk of my games. Booting up a lengthy Playstation RPG and enjoying it every night after running around all day outside. The warm of the concrete still on my feet as I let a fan blast nice cool air on me and I fell into my role as Cloud Strife or Sora. Slowly it has turned into a small tradition of mine that every summer I try to get as many games out I can, but one or two always sticks stronger as a memory.

It is crazy as I go over the year and see how many games I have tucked away and gone through. Sometimes it is a quick replay to make sure I have completed every quest or achievement. Then other times I get into one solid game and don’t touch another until I played it to the point I can’t look at it.

Sometimes when you get that chance to play through a game in the summer, the night air drifting in the windows and that 2AM grind as you finish the last levels is just exhilarating. I remember a few years back picking up Dying Light the day it came out but just couldn’t find the time to play through it. Months passed and it sat on my backlog just gathering dust. Finally, I got a solid three day weekend and got a chance to pop it in!

Was it the greatest game I ever played? I wouldn’t say it was, but it made memories for me that I will always remember. Leaping over the rooftops with the grapple hook and running in the dark from the zombies made a mark. When thunderstorms raged outside of my house in Nebraska I delved deeper into the world I was in.

A few years before I learned what a good story really meant in a game when I beat The Last of Us. The game again going into the late hours of the summer nights and the air conditioning kept clicking on as I tried to avoid the terror that was the clickers. Feeling a chill as I played through all the seasons in the game. The finale of the game finishing and me going to get breakfast from Burger King after since it was 7 AM. Now I get nostalgia anytime I get a summer chill from too much AC or I spend time late into the night.

Not that I can force you to play games and honestly that should never be the case. The only thing I can say is this summer I strongly suggest just focusing on one solid game to make a memory out of. For me, I have Rage 2 I know I want to slam through, but I also know I need to beat Horizon Zero dawn. A game that once again has just sat on my backlog and is giving me that itch to play through.

The last little bit here is I know gamer block can be a frustrating as hell thing to go through. When you lose the desire to play games and that is one of your main hobbies it can just suck. We all hit it, I hit it with all my hobbies at a time. It slows everything else down too and suddenly you are scrolling Facebook for another three hours. So if you need to get through the block or that hump you find yourself in, just focus on a single game this summer.

Make it your Summer game, make it a memory and enjoy the season.

Feature Photo by Paul Varnum on Unsplash

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