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Summertime can feel like a dry season for the gaming world. The last large game that came out I was able to breeze through was Rage 2, a blast to play but a quick one at that. So what do you do with all this open time and no big new games coming out for you? How do you spend your time or maintain a solid hobby? Even before we get into the thick of it, let’s bring up how nice it is to be back.

Summertime and the living is easy doesn’t really apply to me at the moment. Sublime as life can be I have been working like a horse. A couple extra jobs to get ahead, the going has been tough, but it has been completely worth it. With some games still getting finished out and me itching to get back on For the Sake of Gaming to get you some new content to read.

So what has been getting played on these summer nights?

I have been trying damn hard to get through something all of us gamers have. A huge backlog of games that I have barely touched and constantly tell myself how later I will get to it. Finishing up a couple quick arcade titles and two Triple-A ones I want the reviews out within the week. We get that way quick when we buy games faster than we beat them, especially when fall and broketober hits with great new releases dropping weekly. I want to get through these backlogs before Borderlands 3 and Gears 5 and many more come out and siphon up all my extra time.

Going through the titles of PS4, Xbox One, 360, Switch and even old retro cartridges I also have been gaining an urge to write something else entirely. As the slow summer rolls on I have begun to work on an Ebook that shares a title from a blog I did a while back. Life is a Platform – Self-help from the Gaming Shelf.  I want to do this to help my friends in ways that I can’t always be there day to day. I know that if I could I would talk to them all day-to-day with suggestions and listen to any way I could. With working on this I hope it will give you a solid twelve chapters that you can always look back to when you need to hear from me.

So what will this blog be if I am working on that?

Well, I still plan on doing what I have been here. I like reviewing games so that others can hear a bit about them before they invest. I like ranting and getting out the thoughts on the culture of gaming and I like trying to inspire others. I want this to join in soon to a larger community of gamers and blogs and of course, the popular top five lists are coming back again as well with the first coming back tomorrow.

This is a quick post to just let you know I am alive and kicking. I get how you get used to seeing something from a place and when it disappears you wonder why it is gone. The fact is the small reprieve even made it so I can relax easier and get more content out. I no longer have car worries and I can even upload some of these blogs on the go.

So with a quick goodbye until tomorrow I just want to ask a few questions?

I have had requests for a Discord? Is that something that interests you?

And what would be more preferred, some youtube uploads or a podcast? They take about the same time to make and I am up to either, and the real goal is content to you. So forgive me for being a bit rusty, but let us get this up and rolling once more.


Feature Photo by Startaê Team on Unsplash

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