Some days fly by you so fast you can barely blink before they are gone. You sit in bed at the end of the day and try to think back on what happened and what trip you made from bed back to bed. This Summer has rolled through like a hurricane for me and I am glad to be sitting at a point where things are starting to even out again.


Some gaming is getting done, friends have had dinner, and the people that matter the most are happy. This all leads me back to here and my blog that I enjoy doing so much. Let me say that the craving to write has been so high for a while now and I am ecstatic to be getting back into it. The hiatus had to happen to preserve the quality of what I want to put out. The last article is so poorly written and typo-ridden that I was mad at myself.

I never want to give you a quality of reading that is poor or seems cash grabby. I do this blog for myself and to put something I create out there into the world, so here it is; let’s talk a bit about adventures.

Recently I have really gotten into a kick on the Bethesda game Fallout 4. A title that I ran through early on, but never really delved deep into until now. The DLC of the game looked fantastic and I felt guilty avoiding something that I paid money for and having it take up both physical space and precious digital hard drive space at the same time. As I have played through Far Harbor with my companions I enjoyed the feeling of eery and dark monsters roaming through the fog. It helps that the audio on the Fog Crawlers is spectacular.  The whole narrative making me feel like I wasn’t playing a Fallout game at all or bringing me back to the similar Point Lookout expansion from Fallout 3. 

The game decided to take me on an actual adventure and that helped me to get back into the swing of things. It wasn’t a lost stumble of shooting through a six-hour campaign or a Minecraft binge lasting days, no it was a fun story and a simple completion.

So let us take this and apply it to something.

Recently I have talked to a lot of people that are starting into the journey of college. When you live in a college town and work in a public space you run into people, it happens. So many of these kids are nervous and excited about the next big track in life. The moving out from the parents, going towards a career path, making the big decisions and some new fun.

You may or may not be for college and that isn’t the point I am going for here. The idea I want to plant into your head is to never stop making those adventures, much like the kid heading to campus. You can be a fifty-year-old woman and decide now is your time to begin training for a triathlon. You can be the dad you realizes that after the last ten years you do want to go after something more and change careers. You don’t even need to find a quest giver for this adventure, it’s a Bandersnatch moment, choose your own.


With the nostalgia of my generation and the difficulty of listening to adults say “be what you want” while growing up, I feel this is important. When you aren’t on your “quest” or adventure you are sitting there at two places in life. The “Start New Game” screen or the “Game Over” one. Now I don’t know about you, but one of those sounds a lot darker than the other. You really can “be what you want” as you grow and develop, but you have to be willing to get out and gain experience.

Very few people reach max level in the tutorial levels. For those who do, was it really a fun game anyway?

Until tomorrow,


Feature Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


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