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The season is ending and I don’t mean in a videogame. This time I want you to take a deep breath and visualize if you can the next four to five months, the whole rest of your year. December will be here before you know it, passing multiple holidays along the way and ending in that large New Years bash we know you want to attend. What steps do you do to get there and what are your rewards along the way?

If you don’t know what a Battle pass in gaming is, it is a quick way to monetize a season in gaming. Some use subscriptions, sell the game outright or loot boxes, but this pass system is huge. Fortnite helped popularize this style of pay for about ten bucks every one hundred or so days. Gaming company Valve used this system before in Dota2, but after Epic got their hands on it many others started to follow suit. Now you purchase that little pass and you unlock more and more things as you progress through the tiers. Sure, you can play without it, but then you miss out on so many extra features along the way.

You may have mixed feelings on the Battle pass style of game and how they try to snatch your money up. If you can look past the style of monetizing here and see it as a tool, you can take it and apply it to your life. You can create your pass and tier it up all the way to level one hundred.

This is a lesson in goals and the small micro rewards that can help get you there.


Every person knows that goals are the dreams you try to strive towards. They can feel daunting at times like they are so out of reach. You load up the new season of a game and you see the sweet level one hundred skin and say, “I will never get there.” You see that you want a new car, a book written or no more debt and you say to yourself, “I will never get there.” These are mirrors and if one works for one it should work for the other.

With the Battle pass, each level has a reward. Some are small things you don’t care about, spray paint, points, a skin that is lame. Yet, each level is rewarded and that pushes you forward. Then you find yourself saying, “Well if I can manage to get to level thirty than I can get that thing I really want.” You start setting yourself up smaller goals to reach that help snowball you to that large end goal.

Dave Ramsey sees the benefit of a snowball and suggests you pay your debts smallest to largest so you get that large mental boost feeling like you are accomplishing something. So what can you accomplish if you take that and you map it all out? Let us aim for the end of the year one hundred and forty-five days, what can we do in that time?

Take an hour, grab a coffee, and write out a tier system for your life.  At the end put that large goal you HAVE to hit. Yes, the one you HAVE too, even if you fail along the way make it the goal that is always on your mind. Then at each quarter of the way 25, 50 and 75 give yourself a nice reward that you can fit into your budget and time. Take a weekend with a loved one when you have reached twenty-five, buy yourself a new game when you hit fifty, make things matter that you want to get stuff done. Every five treat yourself to a coffee, buy a damn snickers bar and enjoy your life each day.

So how do you progress?

Well besides the obvious answer of fail and get up over and over again, that is up to you. If it is monetary, like a new car or debt paid off then map it all out. Make your first ten levels in your tiers twenty or fifty bucks a piece and when you put them away level yourself up. If it is weight loss or weight gain then write that down and each pound counts and matters. Reward yourself on your small wins. When you fail, fail forward and look at what your next tier is, that your level twenty-five is just three more pounds. You aren’t allowed to fall back down in tiers because you already gained that experience to there. You may lose some of that money or gain that weight back, but you have already learned the path to that level and it is that much easier to get there again for you.

So sit down and make your Battle Pass. Pay yourself well in it because the rewards of what you get are worth it and you are in the season of life that needs this pass. Take your time, hit the levels, and let me know how excited you are for the next step.

One Hundred and Forty-Five days.


Feature Photo by Jaanus Jagomägi on Unsplash

Level Up Photo by Yiran Ding on Unsplash

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