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Starting a game fresh has a certain appeal and thrill to it. Starting a game with all your progress and skills sounds even better. Although not every title does allow you to do this I want to take a moment and give you some motivation in today’s article.

I remember how crazy that movie 50 First Dates was when I first saw it. How could someone handle starting over each day? The end of the movie helping her “shortcut” all the past events into a VHS that told her how far she has gotten. It, in essence, is still a new save each day though. I couldn’t imagine going through that and am grateful I don’t have too. The memories we build and have with friends and family, I never want to give those up.

The allure of a game having this mode is you can progress through it so much quicker. I know we all have had that thought, “What if I went back in time and knew what I knew now?” This lets you go through speed runs on games, or in some cases finding the secrets before you are supposed to in a title. Resident Evil Titles even having jokes when you know something you aren’t supposed to yet in game.

Yes, you can’t go back in time currently and have all the knowledge you do now. The good news is that each day is a fresh start. A fresh start, but with all the previous save data.

A common thing I see as the New Year approaches is people begin to develop worse habits and excuse themselves with, “Well I plan to do X next year.” To quit smoking, to lose weight, to ask that person out. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and you have to know there are people that are not here today that certainly planned to be. You do have the advantage of knowing what you did everyday past.

I know for a fact that I won’t take some medicine that makes me break out in hives. I know I’m not going to eat at that food place I hate. I know that I am going to cherish each text and moment with my loved ones, to make up for the ones I have already lost. I don’t have to go out and relearn these failures and lessons over and over and make no progress.


Some of the magic of Dark Souls was you did have to fight through the enemies again every time you went back to that campfire to recoup. The enemies coming back gave you the chance to learn from your lessons and failures and apply them better. To use the defeats you have suffered and rock the enemies the second, third or thousandth time around. Plus, it also has a full New Game Plus.

I know this may fall on some deaf ears, but really try to take this to heart if you can. You have another day to chase that dream. To make what you want to happen with everything you know so far.  After all,

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow, So just do it!”

-Shai LeBeouf


Feature Photo by Shane Drummond on Unsplash

Fire Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash


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