Monday Motivation 8-12

I don’t know if you can find someone who despises Monday mornings more than I do. I have to pump myself up in the morning with music, goals and usually an obscene amount of coffee just to get moving. Other days are so much easier to achieve momentum, but I have put a damn mental block up that I hate Mondays. I avoid scheduling extra events on that day and I map out my day before I even get going. When I hear my phones horrible shriek of an alarm I know I just have some work and some laundry and I can get through that.

Of course, I don’t live in magical Christmas land and once I actually get up I realize I have so much more to do. Blog, finish book on marketing, write, go to work, exercise, laundry, eat some real food not Panda Express again. Mondays.

So what magic can I throw your way to get you moving?


I am not the smartest man in the room or the best looking. I don’t have fat stacks in the bank or can tell the perfect one-liner. What I do have as a skill that I have developed is to focus on what is in front of me. Guys and girls I can’t express this enough. It is such a gimmicky little word that you hear from all the great motivational speakers from Tony Robbins to Tim Ferris and back to Les Brown. Focus changes your day and your life literally one second at a time.

If you have caught me in person you know I am raving about being able to blog efficiently again. To bring you content on the daily that is new and fresh and from me. I don’t say that I usually wrap myself in a blanket because I don’t control the AC in this apartment and blast the same song on repeat to my headphones. I grind it out and do nothing else until I have a fully written article for you. Given, sometimes inspiration strikes and I knock out two or three and get some other days done in advance. I focus on this and then move to the next, I am not a multitasker and I never will be. Singletasker for life.

Now sometimes the focus frustrates my significate other I am sure and I can’t brag about her enough for putting up with me. When I focus in on a book and get so into it I start talking in different terms and she still supports me. Of course, I support her back and that is just as important. If you are able to focus on you and your goals you want to make sure you support others doing the same.

So what motivation tips are in this Monday? It is just that one little word and a little video I want to link about focus. Tomorrow I am going to be back at it again with an article that is a little closer to heart and touches on life and gaming again. With that, I want to thank everyone who has liked and followed recently. I have people from the motivation side of things and people from the gaming side of things in my life. I appreciate each and every one of you and I always give your blog a look over as well and alike when I can. If you found me from twitter thank you again because I am new to that site and a total chump on there. Last Facebook guys, you are rocking it on the likes and shares, keep it up I owe so much to you.

Enjoy the following video and I will see you tomorrow,

This video is so damn good, please watch it


Feature Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

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