Monday Motivation 8-19

Another Monday morning where the alarm clock blares and you have to put your feet to the floor. You roll over in bed and a thousand voices in your head scream to just get a little more sleep. After all, it feels good and you deserve it right? This day is different, this day you get moving.

I for one hate Mondays. I love the concept of a new week, the hustle and the grind, but I hate alarm clocks and I swear my Monday alarm is extra loud. A lot of it is because I go so hard over the weekend and don’t get to bed until far later than I should. It may be that I am up late writing or just want to hit the next level in a game, but it always seems to be three or four AM before the head hits the pillow.


I don’t have a failsafe way to inspire you out of that alarm and the slump I’m sure you feel when you get moving. If I did I’m sure I would already have books sold and be raking it in. I do have a few tips that help me get going. This also was visited upon a little in Starting The Day With A Win and you can read that as a refresher if you want.

I have followed a lot of Jim Kwik’s advice on how to get going in the morning. Although I don’t get a tea or a smoothie in just yet, I do make the bed right away and get my teeth brushed using the opposite hand. This tends to “excite” my brain enough in the morning to get me out of bed. Other times that doesn’t do jack to budge me.

When I do manage to make it to the bathroom I like to have some sticky notes hung up on my bathroom mirror to remind me of the goals I want to achieve today. I write them out the night before and put them somewhere that I have to absolutely see them. Turns out the mirror where you first go when you wake up is an easy place to do this.

I also have to sprinkle in some fun and rewards that try to get me up in the week. I tell myself that I just finished a game so I get to start a new one this week. Push the excitement of an upcoming dinner or make a plan to see an old friend. These little hacks are ways to stop falling into apathy and saying to yourself, “what is the point?”

The other fun side of this quick post is that I was away for the weekend. I Went camping in a place that didn’t have much internet and I chose not to bring my laptop or anything and just enjoy a day out on the lake. I made some great new friends and had an amazing time with my girlfriend. However, the scheduled posts did not in fact post so I am off on my daily streak which is a bummer and will get them uploaded as the day goes on.

Stick with me and let’s ride this week hard and get done what we want to.


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash



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