Forward Momentum

There are a lot of moments that make you feel like you had a successful day when you lay down at night. For some, it is getting to spend some time with the family or learning something new, maybe the fact you got to take the dog out for a walk or you finally beat that boss you have been struggling with. For me, it has always been about growth and having forward momentum. What did I do to end my day better than I started it and where did I grow as a person?

Games have a simple process for this that you can physically check and see. Each time you defeat an enemy or complete a quest you get that experience notification and can tell you are moving ahead. In real life, I can do my fifty push-ups look in the mirror and see nothing, that frustration can set you back at times. There are apps that give you “life experience” and challenge you with little things like drinking more water or going to see a new site. All of them are a blast for a while, but you make your own path in this world and the app may give you “quests” you don’t want to pursue.


I’ve never felt this more than I have after the move here to Vegas. There is a lot more open time in the morning to figure things out that I want to do. Even this morning with help from my friend Hunter I was able to get this computer to be able to stream again. We were even able to get ahead on some projects we have been working on and I can see the growth and get more excited by the day.

The growth is also important because you begin to prioritize things differently. I know that when Gears of War 5 came out I was so ready to hit all the daily medals and level up to the max level. The fact that the game gave you a free battle pass interested me and I played an untold amount of hours between Gears one and two. An honest to god stupid amount of time back in high school. As the second season dropped for the game though I realized it wasn’t where my interest lay anymore and the idea of missing out on skins or some iron (the in-game currency) wasn’t the end of the world.

More and more games now use the idea that you will miss out to try and get you hooked

As the idea to develop a game between me and another continues to grow we know we just want to give people a unique fun experience. Not the idea that you missed out. I think games like Skyrim, KoToR, Fable, Bioshock and so many more were big is because the story was self-contained and you didn’t have to worry about seasonal changes. Multiplayer is such a crazy beast now as opposed to the time of Halo 2 or the original Modern Warfare. Skins are so large that there was fanaticism over the holidays for a Minty Pickaxe in Fortnite. It’s a fun game, but some of the customers I saw and dealt with reminded me of when Beanie Babies were a craze.

So this is looping all the way back to my original thought on how to keep that forward momentum.

When you need to end the day and feel like you got somewhere and accomplished something, play a single-player game. Gaming with friends on your favorite shooter or exploration game is great, but it can turn very fast. Five losses in a row can make people crabby and snap at you. So when you already know you need a pick me up before turning on that console or PC make a not of what you are going into to play.

Of course, there are tons of other ways to do this too, but in relation to this blog, I thought hitting the gaming side of it first may work better. I say read something before you go to bed, hit some exercise in the morning and drink water. I know that you hear that all the time, but I’m here to help if you need to message and have someone nag.

So try tonight to end it with that feeling like you got ahead. Play a game towards completion or read something. Just keep that forward momentum.



Feature Photo by Vek Labs on Unsplash

Goal Photo by Vek Labs on Unsplash

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