The Reveal – Dev-log 1

What’s your favorite board game? Is it a euro-game, Ameritrash, short, long? My favorite game is also my favorite joke. My friends come over, and we play something for a couple of hours, and it’s starting to get late. The game finishes and we all know it’s about time to go, and you’d better believe every dang time I say it…

“Alright so now it’s time for Twilight Imperium right?”

It’s a joke that has never gotten old, and to my friends’ chagrin, it never will. Twilight Imperium is to me, the ultimate game. It has depth, politics, war, and lying. There is nothing better to me than a game that facilitates interplayer politics without needing to force it. “Hey man, Blue-Player over there seems like he’s overstepping our boundaries. I think we(you) might need to start fighting back for both of us.” It’s fantastic, and the only reason I don’t play more of it is it’s incredibly long playtime. I think that the game taking 8 hours is to its own benefit; but as a full-time engineering student and a part-time barista, it’s hard to have 8 solid hours to play, and even hard to find friends with the same 8 hours to join me.


Enter: Canine Conquest

Canine Conquest Board

Canine Conquest is a one-to-five player 4x game that I’m hoping takes place in one to one and a half hours. You play as hyper-intelligent dogs, who left our solar system after a massive war laid waste to the planets that orbit our star. Now, after an undecided amount of time has passed, each faction has decided to venture back to Sol to reclaim Earth as their rightful home. This is just for the flavor of the game, I will go more into lore as these dev-logs continue.

My goal with this game is to boil down a full 4x experience into about an hour and to do so I have to make some massive cuts and simplifications. There are only three resources, Financial, Population, and Natural; each planet has a different combination of these three that it will produce. But what about the card from yesterday? The biggest feature I’ve changed is action-selection, I’ve decided to use deck-building mechanics for this. Players will have starter decks filled with action cards (some of them specific to their faction), they will draw five cards and, two at a time, take actions until they have one card left. They may then choose to keep this card for the next round, or discard it and draw an all-new hand. There is also a buy-row for players to purchase any other cards they wish to add to their collection. These include Action Cards, Combat Cards, Award Cards, and Ship Enhancements. Players will gain points either through their faction-specific cards, or award cards that pop up as you progress through the Upgrade Deck.

Card Row

I will go further into detail into everything as these logs continue. I don’t want this post to overload you with information. Until then, thank you all for reading! I hope to hear from you, and I’ll see y’all soon!

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