Elder Scrolls Never Ends

Mobile gaming is something that I'm still fairly new to. For the longest time, the phone has been a tool, a work accessory or a way to stay in touch with loved ones. I'm going to make myself sound old here but my old Nokia brick cell phone didn't exactly come off as a gaming... Continue Reading →

Dusty Nostalgia

As I've begun to flesh out what I want this site to really be to me I 've begun writing down all the ideas I want to cover. Talking about games spanning back to the Atari to the ones that came out this very week. In conversation, I bring up titles with friends and we... Continue Reading →

Spooky Hi-Def Zombie Galore

Rarely is there a game that starts at an abandoned gas station that leads to good things. Why is it abandoned, why is there so much blood, why is that dead guy shambling towards me. Maybe this is your first dive down into a Resident Evil game, maybe this is your 20th-speed run, it's fun... Continue Reading →

The Culture

Today has been a long one. One that quickly slipped through my fingers no matter how many loads of laundry I attempted to do. One thing led to the next and now sitting here it is nine at night, some days tend to go that way and you don't find time for any of the... Continue Reading →

One-Armed Wolf

I can't say that I have finished every game by From Software, but I can say I have always been a fan of their work. Each game they make turning into a love-hate relationship as you start from scratch and learn the cadences of each new boss you come too. Many times dying along the... Continue Reading →

The Long Walk

Let's take a moment and talk about gaming fatigue. Photo by Leslie Jones on Unsplash This is a topic that I mentioned briefly in the first little bit that I wrote and one that I wanted to get back into before it flew from my mind. The idea that you "have to game a lot" to be a... Continue Reading →

Fall Back In

There are few games that have been attacked as hard in recent memory as Fallout 76. Not simply just a few upset people here and there attacking a game because of a trend or a meme but all out anger. So my stupid self is going to attempt to defend it some. Now it is... Continue Reading →

Just Play

It came up in a recent conversation with a friend that sometimes you get into a gaming slump. One where you just can't even get into the meat of a game without feeling overwhelmed or just not interested.  When you don't want to even start a daunting game like Witcher because you feel it is... Continue Reading →

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