Some days fly by you so fast you can barely blink before they are gone. You sit in bed at the end of the day and try to think back on what happened and what trip you made from bed back to bed. This Summer has rolled through like a hurricane for me and I... Continue Reading →

5 Horror Levels Done Right

Horror in video games can be something that is lost quickly. All it takes is for a moment to feel goofy to really take you out of the element and help you lose the immersion that you found yourself in. These five games that I am talking about today may not have been a scary... Continue Reading →

Dark & Stormy Night

From the start, I knew who the enemy had to be. That man Dash had been running around the mansion as fast as he possibly could, collecting every trinket he could find. I heard him constantly opening and slamming doors, not stopping for a minute between, even when he plummeted three floors down to the... Continue Reading →

Spooky Hi-Def Zombie Galore

Rarely is there a game that starts at an abandoned gas station that leads to good things. Why is it abandoned, why is there so much blood, why is that dead guy shambling towards me. Maybe this is your first dive down into a Resident Evil game, maybe this is your 20th-speed run, it's fun... Continue Reading →

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