Brick Wall Board Games

On my list of things to do today, I have, write a blog post about a board game called Seasons. Overall the things I have pumped out and written since I started this blog up, none of them have made me hit a brick wall when it comes to getting the words out. So I will be talking about that problem, but I do want to discuss the future of a board game day in general with all of you amazing readers.

Here is the problem.

Tabletop games are a large part of my life and I am around them often. I work with them and they are always there, yet somehow I draw a blank talking about them sometimes unless it is the week or months current demo. I get into my salesman mode over a game when writing when really I just want to talk about why I like it and how it is fun to me.

I noticed this in two places. One was that they are the least read topics out of anything I do. That is fine and somethings will be noticed and others will not. The interest of the readers and having conversations with you is the most important part of all this to me. I think I could easier talk about why Bastion is probably my favorite or second favorite game soundtrack over why Seasons is one of my favorite drafting games.

The reason why I can is that one is a passion. Something that I enjoy talking about and getting reactions from and seeing how you all react to them too. Having someone message me in an email and having it say they picked up a game after I talked about it made my whole day awesome. The other just still makes me feel like I am trying to sell something to you. Which if you saw me during the day at work, that is exactly what my goal would be. I want this blog to be a passion and not just more work.

That leads to the second places that I noticed this problem and that was my blog about Star Realms. I adore that game! It is something that I would gladly play if someone asks me too and enjoy it the whole time through, and yet still I made the thing sound like a sales pitch to my dismay. I felt that I was drifting from what I want this site to be and to grow into and that is a place to talk about games for fun and why we all enjoy them.

I don’t care if you play Minecraft to level out a mountain, beat the Ender Dragon, or to dig a hole. I care that you are happy and having a damn good time during it.

I don’t care if you go out to the movie for the plot, the date night, or the popcorn. I care that you enjoyed yourself and it gave you something to leave with. That you left with more than you brought.

Each time I post I worry that I will waste your time and that is the worst thing that I could possibly do with this site. So I need to really get down to my brass tacks and figure out what I like talking about so you get the best I can provide.

As the site expands and now has twitter and twitch is about setting up and ready to go I think making the time I do post matter more is the most important part. This summer along with my 40-50 hours at my game store job I plan to work another job as well to get a vehicle paid off and to upgrade my car to a newer one. I miss road trips and getting out to see everything, so I want to return to doing that as well. Turns out that is a lot simpler if you have a safe vehicle to rely on.

Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplashlaurenz-kleinheider-426386-unsplash.jpg

Does this mean the end of board game posts?

I don’t think it does really. I like talking about things and at times boardgames will pop up and I will show why I love them, to try to share some of the joy with you. I know there will still be a post about the Game of Thrones boardgame, one that I have dumped hours and hours into. Really what I think the board game side of things will come down to is I will reach out to my network of friends and have someone who writes about them with a passion about boardgames instead. A few people already come to mind and they can hit the topic harder than I can anyways.

With this, I hope today wasn’t a waste for you. Sometimes all this website may turn out to be is a journal of sorts, but I will always be transparent with you guys and let you know what is going on. The other good news is I don’t think I will have any gaps in posting this week as a motivation based one for Friday crept into my mind, and I want to talk about it.

No matter what, go out and enjoy what is there. Play some games and be happy!


Feature Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash


Starting The Day With A Win

During college one of the largest games to launch was Halo Reach. So many of us at the college and all over the world would log in each and every day to get our time in on a title that was unlike any of the others that came before it. The gunplay was great, the story was a beauty and the daily challenges made you want to get in there, get that exp, and get ahead. A few of us got to the point that we would wake up and the first thing that we would do in the morning is knock out those few challenges really quick, so we knew even if we didn’t get back on that day, we still got the bonuses.

It started a trend in my gaming that has helped me beat a ton of games but also advance further in my life. The idea behind it is a simple one and something that I see more and more when it comes to morning routines. For many, this task is making your bed when you first get up, but the premise is starting the day out with a win.

When you get to the point that you wake up and get a lot of small things done first you start to build up a certain momentum as you go. The larger more difficult things in your mid-day feel like less when you have already knocked out ten things on your to-do list. For me a lot of how I beat a game is before I go to bed I tell myself, “Just play until you unlock an achievement.” This type of play has kept me progressing through a ton of them and of course if I enjoy the game I just keep playing.

My mornings now when I am on my schedule consist of the little wins like making the bed, a shower, brushing the teeth and drinking lots of water. During this time I also like to load up a few different games as I move around in the morning to get a daily login in bonus of a challenge just from turning the game on. Elder Scrolls Blades gives a daily that I hit quickly every morning, Fortnite is much the same. I also like to turn on Arena, League of Legends and Gears of War 4, just to get the bonuses. Many times I don’t really play through the game during this time, instead reading a book as it loads or listening to a podcast as I grind out a quick match victory.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplashglenn-carstens-peters-190592-unsplash

It may sound silly to some to make games have these “chores” of a sort, but then when I do want to hop on and really play I have maintained being ahead.

A good friend when I told him of these routines said it made it sound like games are a task now and they are just money grabbing for your attention. All of the things I do for these dailies are again free. So it then goes back to what I mentioned earlier, starting with a win. To help explain some more, you have to understand that I am in no way at all a morning person. When insomnia lets up a bit and I do manage to doze off I am a pain to wake up. The alarm blares and I hit snooze and nothing ever seems to get accomplished.

However, when you hear that alarm and say, “Well let me punch in the daily really quick.” You wake the brain up for a reward, as soon as I log in on Blades and get the free item I am up and moving. Soon it is the bathroom and then back into the room to make my bed, I turn on League and finish up my emails. Quickly my morning that I don’t want to do turns into a productive few hours before I get into work and the money-making side of things.

Days that I know will be hard flash by when I know I already got to enjoy my morning. If I don’t want to exercise I like to do it in between matches of a game. I tell my self twenty push-ups or whatever it may be and then I can play again. If you lose you double it.

The point of this short sweet post is to let you know that you can easily start your day with a win too. Make that bed, read that chapter, or beat that game. Focus on dailies in a video game to implement them into your day to day life and let your hobby work for you.

Remember that winning the day is just a series of decisions you put yourself through, and you can accomplish anything.

Feature Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Elder Scrolls Never Ends

Mobile gaming is something that I’m still fairly new to. For the longest time, the phone has been a tool, a work accessory or a way to stay in touch with loved ones. I’m going to make myself sound old here but my old Nokia brick cell phone didn’t exactly come off as a gaming device. I think maybe it had the ability to play snake or Pac-man, so not very hi-tech.

A lot of the games that came to mind with mobile gaming are quick things like Flappy Bird or Poke’mon GO. Go being a game that you can sink tons of hours into and that brought a lot of people out and about in a great social renaissance the month it released. Many great friends still going out and hitting the gyms and yelling excitedly as they finish off their poke’dex. So I figured I would push my iPhone 8s and see what it can play.

image1 This game, in the end, surprised me.  The Elder Scrolls Blades was a title I pre-ordered for free during last years E3 after watching the Bethesda showcase. Then I forgot about it completely until my phone had a new little emblem I didn’t recognize. I quickly booted it up, verified my account and then was stuck on a screen for about two weeks.


So I was pretty sure at this point that I wasn’t going to like this game. I loaded it up about once a day during some downtime and fought the same loading screen enemy over and over.


I think I killed this same Thalmor twenty times it felt like. So the week went by, I played Sekiro, I played Resident Evil 2 and last night before playing Borderlands while it loaded I tried to turn this on, and it worked! The intro video played, the epic music of a Scrolls game turned on and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I felt giddy with another Bethesda game. Was it going to be good or a flop?

Well, I am a pretty poor excuse for a mobile gamer. Mobile to me always being games that I had through Nintendo or a PSP, so what is this? In a sense, it’s a point and click that lets you crawl through a dungeon, or, if you hold your finger on the screen, can walk and move that way. Taking place after a siege in your hometown you have to go through different quests to save villagers and earn resources that then upgrade your items and the town you reside in.

image2 (2)

When you get into a dungeon if you get lost somehow you get a wispy trail that leads you on the way to go. Most of the time it isn’t needed with the halls being fairly uniform and easy to follow. The one spot I have found it useful is when finding specific items for quests. Things like Void Salts are highlighted for you when looking so you don’t miss them and have to backtrack.

The combat on the game is one on one. I haven’t yet experienced any more than that, but it is needed since the game throws a block and parry system in that is simple but pleasing.  You can usually manage to get a few hits in against the goblin or spriggan before you need to throw your shield up, or if it is a small creature you have to time the attack for when they jump at you.


Things like the sweetroll in the photo can regain you some health while in the dungeons. Or you can use one of your potions, that seem to be fairly uncommon at this point. The game hasn’t been so difficult to ever warrant one, and a sweet roll just feels cool. In the quests, you take you will find chests that have loot in them to upgrade your character, sometimes a new weapon or usually some armor. To open a chest there is a real world timer that can have gems spent to skip that time. The gems and chest being the only real way you can spend money on the game from what I have seen at this point. The small wooden chests take five seconds to open so if you really need to skip that go ahead. The silver ones take three hours, but you can set your phone down and it will notify you when it is ready, if you really want to spend gems there it will run you about thirty-six this time.

There is a level tree into skills and feats and spells, of course, level four meaning I haven’t explored much just yet, but the fireball does hit hard. Poor goblins never stand a chance.

Already I have gotten my town hall, a smithy, and a few houses up and I’ve found it enjoyable for a free to play game. As my town grows it satisfies the need of the Elder Scrolls games on the go and gives you a little bit of lore that is nice to excite you towards Elder Scrolls Six. With E3 only a few months out I’m sure we will see much more with all of that soon.

Until then, feel free to download a sweet little game and defend Tamriel once again.